TECHNOCONT Ltd is the small company for design and manufacturing Motor Protection devices and assemblies, Motor Control Centers and Industrial Automation systems.

Our Adventages

Technical and Engineering Expertise

We have more than 15 years of expertise with Control&Protection for Low Voltage Motors, particularly for Pump Motors, produced by wide circle of enterprises and used in different industrial and agriculture areas.

Own Knowhows & Products

We design and manufacture own Multifunctional Microprocessor based Motor Protection Devices actualized the full list of IEEE Std C37.96-2012 Motor Protection Functions, including Thermal Model considering temperature rise and cooling circles inertia, and actualized industrial controller functions.

Original Patented Current Sensors are designed, produced and used instead of Current Transformers , so we propose more compact and cheaper Motor Control&Protection Assemblies with modern digital method applied for wider range of electric drives.

Intelligent Motor Control Centers

Used digital methods for Motor Control&Protection and device-level communication networks wiring bring possibility for advanced monitoring, control and diagnostics of production process with big number electrical motors and drives involved. It’s the new level of cost effective production process control for our partners.

Our Products

Motor Control&Protection Assemblies model line for

  • single phase pump motors /industrial drive motors
  • three phase pump motors / industrial drive motors
  • two/three pumps motors

Motor Control Centers/Production Process Control

Our services

Design Motor Control Centers, removed control systems for production process control in field of agricultural products industries

We look partnership with

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